Adjustable Flex Bag Strap, Canvas, Made to Order

$30.00 USD
Fabric: Hide & Seek

These made to order canvas adjustable flex bag straps are an economical way to update the look of your favorite bag or turn a pouch or wallet into a hands free bag!! Easy to use brass spring loaded clasps and sliding buckel are both beautiful and reliable. You chose from three canvas prints. Your personally designed flex bag strap that perfectly reflects your unique style and fills the gap in your collection.  

This adjustable flex bag strap is 1 inch wide, 30 inches long fully extended and 20 inches when fully shorted. The strap has a sliding buckle so every length in between is available to get the perfect customized fit.

Your purchase makes a valuable impact in the lives of women in Uganda who handcraft your design that is delivered to your doorstep

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