Bowl Cozy, Set of Four Small, Made to Order

$35.00 USD
Fabric Pattern:
Leather Loop:

You design these Bowl Cozies that are hand made to order in Uganda and shipped to your doorstep!

These bowl cozies are microwavable (in 2 minute increments) and protect your fingers and surfaces from the heat of hot food. They are also perfect for use with your bowl of icecream to keep your fingers protected from the cold while they slowdown the melt of your tasty treat from the warmth of your hands.

You chose the fabric pattern and the leather loop.

Available in a set of four small cozies. The small cozy measures 6" across at the top and 4" across at the bottom and 2-4" deep.

Consciously created homewares that coordinate with a variety of other customizable kitchen goods and make a positive impact in East Africa.

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